You only moved the Headstones!

June 15, 2011

Well some of you may have seen a few Twitter and Facebook posts about this but last week my web hosting company switched email servers and recreated my account. In doing so they accidentally deleted the old account without forwarding or downloading information, thus losing two and a half years worth of emails, correspondence and contacts. The previous server was unable to retrieve anything. Heart meet attack!

What does this mean to you reading this?

Those of you who have outstanding commissions or have been so kind as to send me scans of sketches from recent shows here is what I need from you.

Please forward your pay pal receipt and the commission request email. I cannot work on these pieces until I know what they are so the sooner the better.

Con Sketches
Please forward scans of sketches if you still have them. That would be wonderful if not, that is OK as well.

The address is the same

This address is now being backed up on another address so hopefully this will not happen again.

I appreciate the help.


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