Bryan Q. Miller breaks down how to purchase your copy of Smallville Season 11.  I could not have said it better (which is why he is the writer and I draw pictures). Please read the blog posted below.


so how do i buy the smallville season 11 comic?


We're 2 weeks out from the first installment of the Smallville Season 11 premiere, "Guardian," going on-line. If you aren't waiting for the printed version (which becomes avail. May 2), you may be wondering how/where you can find the digi-comic.

If you have a tablet device or smartphone, you'll need to download the free DC Comics (iTunes / Android) or Comixology apps (iTunes / Android). If you're new to these apps, the DC app (quite naturally), gives you access to select DC comics past and present for a per issue fee. The Comixology app is more of a catch-all, multi-publisher hub (DC, Marvel, Image, etc.), where you'll be able to purchase installments of Season 11, as well as MANY other things.

If you don't have a tablet or smartphone, fear not! You can still read the Smallville comic online by visiting and opening an account (again, free to sign up, followed by a per issue purchase fee). You will have to enter credit card information at some point, much as you would have to for iTunes. This goes for the app, as well -- it will not auto-purchase each week's issue for you. You will have to stop by the site/open the app every Friday and make the purchase.

In print, you'll need to locate/contact your local comic shop (LCS). New comics always become available (or "street") on Wednesdays. The print editions of Season 11 should be available towards the beginning of of each month (shipping date released when a given month's "solicits" are released online and in Previews magazine), but stock will vary from store to store. Plan ahead! If you don't have an LCS and wish to read in print, shop around online and see where you can pre-order ( and Midtown Comics jump to mind as good places to start).

I cannot stress enough how vital it is that everyone legitimately pay for this book. For projects like this, sales are super-important. Please do NOT grab torrents. It's just a dollar a week. If you can't afford that, save your pennies until you can and avoid spoilers. Piracy is wrong. It just is.

Thanks, Gang! Hope you like it ________________________________________________________________ could always scrape up some more loose change from the sofa cushions and download Remy Zero's "Save Me" and listen while you read!

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