Here is download information that was  posted by Craig from Kryptonsite earlier this week:


- On a tablet device or smartphone, you can purchase Smallville Season 11 using either the DC Comics or Comixology apps.

DC Comics iTunes appDC Comics Android app

Comixology iTunes appComixology Android app

Once Friday rolls around, some browsing should make it easy to find the SV Season 11 comic, as well as many other recent great comics.

If you don’t have a tablet or a smartphone, you can still read Smallvilleon your computer at! You’ll have to set up an account, which is free, but beyond there the purchasing will be the same as with the apps – 99 cents per issue.


If you’re like me and would like to have a print copy in your hands, you can go to your local comic book shop on May 2. Most stores put out new comics on Wednesdays. It wouldn’t hurt to tell your local comic book shop owner that you are interested in Smallville so he or she is sure to pre-order it for you. If there are no stores near you, there are some online comic book stores including Midtown Comics and who should be able to meet your needs.


Do NOT illegally download or torrent the Smallville Season 11 comic book. A project like this relies on legitimate sales to prove itself as a profitable venture for DC Comics. If people aren’t purchasing it legally, the comics will end. At only 99 cents, there is really no excuse NOT to pay for them, and big sales will tell DC “hey, we want this stuff!” and it would hopefully mean we’ll have many, many more Smallville comics to come.

If you’re new to comics, this might be a lot of fun for you, as you’re entering Superman’s world right as Superman – who we knew as Clark Kent for so long – begins on a new and exciting journey!