Today marks the first print issue of Smallville Season 11!  You have followed the action on your devices for three weeks and now you finally get to hold it in your hands! The bonus material in the print includes Superman's costume design, an episode guide,  and my digital cover! For those just getting into the book today, welcome! We hope you enjoy it and will stay on for the ride. TRUST ME it is going to get SO COOL!! For those wondering how this digital first stuff works out...This is how it breaks down! Smallville Season 11 released in weekly digital chapters ($.99ea.)

3 digital chapters(3 weeks) = 1 print copy ($3.99 w/bonus content)

4 Print copies(12 weeks) = 1 Episode

Smallville Season 11 #1 (print) came out today! Run faster than a speeding bullet to your Local Comic Shop and pick up your copy today! Chapter 4 starts FRIDAY MAY 18th on DC Comics Digital

Again we hope you enjoy it and cannot stress enough how much your support means. We can only make it if you buy it! So lets get that Smallville High team spirit behind this project! Let your meteor freak flags fly HIGH! GO TEAM SMALLVILLE!

From the DC blog- The release scheduel!

We’ve seen a huge response to the new SMALLVILLE SEASON 11 digital comic book series and just wanted to remind new and old readers alike that after three digital chapters are released, a collection of those three chapters is released as a print issue that also includes new, bonus content like episode guides. This week marks the first print issue of SMALLVILLE SEASON 11 so be sure to pick-up a copy at your local comic book store.  The next digital chapter of SMALLVILLE SEASON 11 will be released on Friday, May 18 so stay tuned until then, and check out the full release schedule below.

SMALLVILLE SEASON 11 Release Schedule:

May 2 – print issue #1 (collecting digital chapters 1-3)

May 18 – digital chapter 4

May 25 – digital chapter 5

June 1 – digital chapter 6

June 6 – print issue #2 (collecting digital chapters 4-6)

June 15 – digital chapter 7

June 22 – digital chapter 8

June 29 – digital chapter 9

July 4 – print issue #3 (collecting digital chapters 7-9)

July 13 – digital chapter 10

July 20 – digital chapter 11

July 27 – digital chapter 12

Aug. 1 – print issue #4 (collecting digital chapters 10-12)