Did I mention that I was drawing a Lois Lane story? No? Well I'M DRAWING A LOIS LANE STORY! Bonus item..LANA LANG IS ALSO IN IT! Yeah...still pinching  myself.  Bryan Q Miller has penned a fantastic parallel arc to Smallville Season 11: Argo entitled Valkyrie. I am on pencil and ink duties while Carrie Strachen is on colors! I cannot wait for you guys to get into this story line. Good times ahead kids!! Read more about it from TV Guide's story below!

Exclusive: Lana Lang Makes Her Smallville Season 11 Comic Book Debut

Mar 28, 2013 09:21 AM ET by Rich Sands

She's back! Four years after last appearing on TV, Lana Lang returns to Smallville — in comic-book form. Clark Kent's first love shows up in a new arc of DC Comics digital series Smallville Season 11 on Friday, April 5. The character — Clark Kent's first true love — last appeared in 2009, during the eighth season of the TV series. Shortly after gaining super powers (courtesy a special suit developed by Lex Luthor) she saved Metropolis by absorbing a kryptonite bomb, which essentially made her toxic to Clark. She then flew off into the proverbial sunset and out of his life. (The role was played byKristin Kreuk, now starring in The CW's Beauty and the Beast.)

"Since then Clark has not only gotten over Lana, but he has moved on with his life. He got engaged to Lois Lane and became Superman," says Season 11 writer Bryan Q. Miller (also a veteran of the TV show's writing staff). "A lot has happened in Lana's absence."

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Full cover art seen below