Sep 6, 2013 11:37 AM ET by Rich Sands

Smallville Season 11 is coming to and close, but that won't be the end of Clark Kent & Co.'s adventures. Starting this fall the popular digital comic book series based on the long-running TV series will segue into a new format. Rather than continuing under the Season 11 banner — which kicked off last year — the DC Comics franchise will now consist of individual miniseries, each one starting with a new No. 1 issue.

The change won't affect the tone or continuity established in Season 11 by writer Bryan Q. Miller. Instead the format tweak is a bid to "get the casual or first-time reader a little more up to speed in each of those No. 1 issues," says Miller, who wrote for the TV show and is on the writing staff of Syfy's Defiance. "Not that we don't already do that to an extent, but [now] the first 20-30 pages of each arc will be more about setting up the status quo for the miniseries, rather than jumping right into things. It's a way to help welcome more people into the Smallville universe that we've been expanding on since the television series ended."

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