Red Sonja #16
12 x 19
Copic Marker/Digital media

RED SONJA #16 Coves: Jenny Frison, Cat Staggs, Stephanie Buscema Writer: Gail Simone Art: Walter Geovani

MARKETING DESCRIPTION: From the acclaimed creative team of Gail Simone and Walter Geovanni, the final chapter in the epic “Forgiving of Monsters” saga finds the She-Devil with a Sword besieged from every side.  A parasitic infestation, an intensely personal grudge, an imperiled Astronomer, and an entire kingdom on the verge of homicidal fury have all led to a showdown so bloody and explosive, it surely lives up to — or even exceeds — the Red Sonja series’ reputation of swords-and-sorcery excellence!

RSv2-16-Cov-Frison RSv2-16-Cov-Stagg RSv2-16-Cov-SubscriptBuscema

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