Coming in Jan and Feb of 2015 I am doing a two part arc for Star Trek wit IDW. Both covers have been revealed! Don't forget to order your copies next time you get to the comic shop!

Star Trek Behemoth #1 12 x 19 Copic Marker/Digital media 2014… Star Trek #41: Five-Year Mission -- SPOTLIGHT/"Behemoth, Part 1" (of 2) is written by Mike Johnson, with Cat Staggs providing the art and cover. In the wake of their century-spanning meet-up with Q, the Enterprise crew leaves explored space behind to embark on a new five-year mission of discovery. Beyond the reach of Starfleet communications, they can only rely on each other when faced with their first encounter in uncharted territory, and it could be their last. Roberto Orci, co-producer/co-writer of Star Trek (2009) and Star Trek Into Darkness, oversees this tale.

Star Trek Behemoth #2 12 x 19 copic Marker/digital medial 2014

Star Trek #42—Five-Year Mission, a/k/a/ "Behemoth." In the epic finale of the two-part adventure, the Enterprise crew faces an alien threat unlike any they have encountered before... in any timeline. It's a race against time to save the ship... or be stranded in uncharted space. Star Trek (2009)and Star Trek Into Darkness co-writer/co-producer Roberto Orci oversaw the tale, which is written by Mike Johnson and features art and a cover by Cat Staggs. A subscription variant includes a photo cover. Both versions will run 32 pages and cost $3.99.