Smallville Season 11



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Cover Art - 5: I REALLY like this cover art! The Teen Titans (and their mentor) are very prominent and I like the heroic stance we see in the reflection of Jay's Flash helmet. Very cool!

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Part 4

Art - 5: Can Cat Staggs draw the Titans or what? Love her artwork, only good to report in this department!
Art - 4: Even the T-Rex looked good.

Not only does Miller do a nice job of blending Smallville characters with classic DC ones, Staggs also does a nice job of rendering their appearances and costumes for the Smallville universe. While on TV, Smallville was all about modernizing the looks and motivations of classic DC characters. Miller and Staggs are effectively carrying on that tradition in the comics. I can easily imagine these characters appearing in the television show (the ones who haven't already).



Superman Homepage

Part 1

Cover Art - 5: Honestly, I just really liked how it looks. It's cool to see Lois and Lana side-by-side in a fighting stance fighting off war-lords. It's very cool and I look forward to seeing that happen in the actual book itself.

Art - 4: Cat Staggs has always done an amazing job with the cover art for each episode of this series and I have very much enjoyed them. I really did enjoy her interior artwork in this issue and I hope that she will have the opportunity to do more interior art for this book outside of "Valkyrie".

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Part 4

Art - 5: Pretty much out-standing artwork all around by Cat Staggs, I really like her work a lot, especially on Smallville: Season 11. I have no issues with in, in fact I laughed when I saw how short Lana was compared to Lois at the end. Continuity for the win!

Smallville Lantern

Part 1-3

Part 4-6

Cover Art - 5: Jokes about Superman's resemblance to Tron aside, this is another good cover. If not for the target, it would seem like the first cover from a different angle. However, the fact that it's a P.O.V. from one of the invading Manhunters gives it some gravitas and makes it an effective illustration of what's inside. I've always been a fan of covers that suggest what the story will be, rather than just an iconic image. Although, when you can manage both (and, in my opinion, both covers have), you've accomplished something special.




Phantom Lady

"Cat Staggs clean, exciting art and panel layouts, the process is never boring...  A lot of that credit goes to Staggs, who rather brilliantly depicts familiar settings in new and unfamiliar ways. There’s a fight in an alleyway that doesn’t look like an alleyway I’ve seen in a comic book, it looks like an actual alleyway from real life. Same with a parking garage, and a club, and even a warehouse hide-out: there’s something refreshing about seeing things the way they actually appear in real life, mixed in a superhero comic, rather than copies of copies of what an artist saw in another comic book. "

"The dark and grimy style of the book created by Cat Staggs sets a tone just right for the grim story. Her character work looks top-notch and she never overdoes it when it comes to anatomy or special effects. She could draw one of Ed Brubaker’s Criminal books and no one would be mad at that."

"Artist Cat Staggs is usually known for painting, but her pencil work here is crisp, dynamic, and works on every level.  Her characters’ faces are all very emotive and convey a lot of energy. "

"The art is very dark and moody throughout the book, and Staggs does good work with the first appearance of Phantom Lady in uniform, delivering a very cool upward shot of the hero in her new purple and gold togs." -

"Cat Staggs is solid on art " - Read and Rant