busy busy busy.... Back for a fantastic week of Star Wars Celebration fun! Before i dive head first into the workload i want to update you on a few projects. Phantom Lady #1 has hit the shelves! Please be sure to pick it up at your local comic shop OR if you just cannot get to the store it is available for digital download thru DC and Comixology!

Recently I was interviewed along with fellow artist Marck Mchaley about our work on Star Trek Federation: The First 150 years. You can check out the interview here and if so inclined there is a link to pre order the book, coming in November, at the bottom of the page.

Lastly..new issue of Smallville Season 11,  Chapter 15, hits Friday morning and then the stores on Sept 5th! Read it on the DC app or Comixology and be sure to pick it up in print next week!