“Cat Staggs’s art will grab you by the throat and kick you in the teeth. This is one creepy ride.”
— — Joe Harris (ROCKSTARS, X-Files)
Fan-favorite creators GAIL SIMONE and CAT STAGGS make their stunning Image debut! When an inexplicable event strikes a downtrodden Seattle housewife and a ruthless Chicago hitman, their bodies, souls, and lives are switched to potentially deadly effect.

100% of Image Comics’ Pride Month variant proceeds will go toward The Human Rights Campaign
Image Comics is pleased to reveal the first six of eleven variants planned for June’s 25th anniversary theme—“Pride Month.” The variants will serve to celebrate the LGBTQ community and the progress made by the Gay Liberation Movement in promoting inclusivity and support for all. 100% of the proceeds made from these June Pride variant covers will be donated to Human Rights Campaign. 

Available in stores on Wednesday, June 21st (Final order cutoff deadline Monday, May 29th):

  • CROSSWIND #1 by Gail Simone and Cat Staggs, cover by Staggs (Diamond Code MAR178608)

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God of Comics – Crosswind #1
It’s a brand new comic that we’re promoting sight unseen for one very important reason: Gail Simone...Gail is working with artist Cat Staggs, best known for some of the crispest line work you’re going to see in comics. See more at: LIVINGMYTHMAGAZINE

Crosswind has a familiar hook, two intriguing respected creators, and the fact that they’re about to unleash their vision as they see fit on our shelves. Could be a fun ride filled with a lot of barrel rolls. THE DAILY PLANET


Review: Freakiest Friday: A Housewife and a Hitman Switch Lives in Gail Simone’s Crosswind
An unhappy, overworked, unloved housewife and a hitman face equal amounts of stress and pressure.

That’s the premise of Crosswind, the new Image comic series from artist Cat Staggs and writer Gail Simone, the first issue of which is out this week (with a trade edition of the first volume to follow later this year). Crosswind is a dark twist on the Freaky Fridayconcept: for reasons unknown, housewife and step-mom Juniper and mafia hitman Cason Bennett exchange souls, with the hitman then inhabited by the housewife, and vice versa.  by Corrina Lawson Barnes & Nobel

The Pull List from Nerdist
Cat Staggs and Gail Simone are not pulling their punches in Crosswind. This first issue makes it very, very clear that things are going to get bloody and ugly fairly quickly. Essentially, Crosswind is a body swap story. That’s the elevator pitch, but it hardly does this comic justice. Simone and Staggs deliver an expertly paced story in this issue, slowly giving you a glimpse into the very different lives of the two leads before the big reveal. Simone’s dialogue is pitch perfect and deserves to be read aloud, but Staggs is the star of the show here. Her artwork is stunning and her coloring is superb.  BY BENJAMIN BAILEY NERDIST

REVIEW: Crosswind #1 Brings Something New to Body-Swapping Genre
It may share a basic premise with Freaky Friday, but make no mistake, Crosswind #1 is quality hard-boiled fiction more Nicholas Pileggi than Mary Rodgers. I’d bet Jamie Lee Curtis and Ray Liota would enjoy the hell out of this book—I know I did. by Karen O'Brien CBR.COM

Review:Gail Simone and Cat Staggs Deftly Turn Tropes Upside Down in Crosswind #1
This book is surely about the folly of judging by appearances, so I hesitate to classify Crosswind as any one thing. It promises to be action-packed, humorous, gritty, and heartfelt. What could we learn about ourselves if we suddenly became our own opposite? I suspect the answer is that we’re all more alike than we know, and that none of us are stock characters at all. by Tia Vasiliou THE MARY SUE.COM
Pick Of The Week: “Crosswind” #1

“Crosswind” has a ton of potential going forward if it avoids falling into the pitfalls that often brings down these kinds of body switch stories. Simone and Staggs have something here and I’m eager to see where it goes.

Final Verdict: 7.5 – All set up to the chaos that’s soon to follow these two characters, but does more than enough to get you on board with where it wants to go. 7.5/10 By Jess CamachoMULTIVERSITY

Review: Crosswind #1
A random encounter with a magical homeless person clues Bennet the gunman in on something, but before long the mysteriously connected soccer mom and he switch places. The setup is pretty basic. The art and dialogue are both gritty and intense. The suburban nightmare is more frightening than the murder stuff and that’s a compliment. Stagg’s art captures the gruesome, as well as the mundane and Simone’s words, elevate the tension in each world. A crafty start to a promising series. 8/10 By Dave Robbins THE BRAZEN BULL

This is a stellar debut issue and it has me longing for July so I can see what shakes out between the two main characters. Overall this was a great read, quick, but containing moment of questioning and genuine interests. I also think having the dialogue boxes be different colors for different characters was brilliant and added an extra level to the storytelling. The issue doesn’t go on any longer than it needs to, it gets us hooked and then cuts us off at just the right moment to insure that we are invested and ready to take things to the next level. By the time you get to the last page you feel intrigued not, cheated, they even throw in more info about the characters and some nifty art work to hold you over until issue two drops. I also liked that they didn’t try and squeeze too much into the first issue and , left us wanting more. I’m super interested to see how things shake out after this issues tail end big reveal, which you’ll have to pick up your own copy and read for yourself, because, I think that if the initial twist at the end is any kind of preview, I think I’m going to love how they handle the gender aspect of things going forward. Story: 9.6 Art: 9.6 Overall: 9.7 Recommendation: Buy by SHAY REVOLVER GRAPHIC POLICY
Review: CROSSWIND #1
Think the body-swapping story is played out? Think again. With strong characterization and amazing artwork, Crosswind #1 puts a cool new spin on a classic concept. Based on this first issue, Crosswind seems to be a sure-fire hit and easy Eisner contender. The characters are immediately interesting and the artwork is fantastic. This is one series you’ll want to get in on at the ground floor. 5/5 by  Matt Morrisson KABOOOOOM
Review:Comic Review: CROSSWIND #1

I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t a fan of Gail Simone. I’ve followed her work in everything from Birds of Prey, to Batgirl, Secret Six, The All-New Atom, and Wonder Woman. And two years ago she blew my mind with her Swords of Sorrow mega event. She’s done fine work before, but Crosswind #1 may be some of the best stuff Simone has ever done!

Crosswind #1 score: A+ - by Maz THE NERDS UNCANNY

is a clever, black-comedy that uses its premise to set up an arc for two uniquely interesting characters. It skilfully balances to darker elements with moments of levity and stunning character work that leaves the reader thoroughly empathetic. In the end, we are left with a tantalizing question: which one of our protagonists was more relieved by their switcheroo. This book doesn’t need cliff-hangers to get you hooked, all it needs is your time and it certainly deserves it. 8/10 by Gearóid Ó Maoldomnaigh COMICBUZZ.COM
This was so fantastic. Go out and buy this book...

Simone's dialogue was great. The pace was great and every scene was well-plotted; we really get a feel of the dichotomy between Cason and Juniper, with each of them leading very different lives which you wouldn't think would ever intersect.The art is by Cat Staggs, who steals the show here. Her art reminded me of Fiona Staples' work on Saga. The colouring was fantastic and her pencils were smooth. Her characters were very expressive, and I also loved her panelling. She also captured the difference between the two characters very well, with Cason having more noir-like or dramatic lighting, while Juniper's sections were more traditional; not exactly colourful, but subdued, just like the character seems to be.This issue surprised me. I had no expectations and the story that Simone and Staggs are telling looks to be a lot of fun, with Staggs' art in particular being a standout. 9/10 BY HUSSEIN WASITI COMICSTHEGATHEIING.COM

Though undeniably a set-up for upcoming issues, Crosswind succeeds mostly due to its slice-of-real-life look and feel. It packs an emotional punch, with a tale that is simultaneously out-of-this-world and instantly relatable. Like Cason and June, we're all limited, to some degree, by what others expect of us. Here's hoping that the continuing story of their intertwined existence can teach us how to gain control of our own lives by finding common ground with others. by VALERIE ACKLIN GEEKSOUT.COM

REVIEW:New Comic Book Reviews Week Of 6/21/17
Is this book worth your time and money? I’m glad that a new book by two great female creators is being published because we desperately need more diversity in comics on many fronts. While the first issue had a few minor missteps there was a lot to like about it and shows a great deal of promise. Simone does a neat twist on the Freaky Friday concept here that does come together at the end. Staggs artwork really keeps things moving along in the book and that is a big help. There is just enough here to give the book a shot and stick around to see where they take the story in the next few issues. by Steven Howearth POPCULTUREMAVEN

REVIEW: Crosswind #1 Review - Get Ready For A Surprise
Everything about this book, the dialogue, the art, the characters, everything is a complete win - an A+ on all fronts. BY KATE BAERKIRCHER YOUDON'TREADCOMICS.COM

REVIEW: Crosswind #1 is without doubt an expertly crafted comic that shines on all levels
Crosswind #1 is without doubt an expertly crafted comic that shines on all levels. That alone may justify picking this issue up; however, the real reason lays in its potential to expand on what has been established here. I think with the talent backing this series that delivery is in the mail. -Keli Gowen ALPHACOMICS.COM

Crosswind #1 is everything I hope for from an opening issue, with the creative team giving us solid build-up and a tantalising twist. They also introduce us to two interesting characters, with their polarising lifestyles making the eventual twist all the more intriguing. 8/10 by John McCubbin SNAPPOW.COM

Review: Breeze Your Way To “Crosswind #1” On The Wednesday Run

It’s enticing, harrowing, absolutely absurd, and entirely riveting. All things you’d expect from the creative team involved.
And that’s just the start. - Posted by JP Fallavollita BIFF BAM POP

Review: CROSSWIND #1

The way that Simone writes these two completely different characters, the details, the pauses, the inflections, drew me in from the very beginning. It is not just that they are realistic — honestly they are very cinematic to start — it is that they are *deep*. You know you’re only looking at the surface and the hints of depth make you want to dive in. Speaking of cinematic, the art is movie-like to the nines. Simultaneously digitally crisp and impressionistic, the art allows a level of detail for facial features and body postures while also leaving the backgrounds fuzzy and half-imagined. Staggs, whose previous work includes Supergirl (DC Comics) and Star Trek (IDW), really holds up her end of the work here. It is striking and fits the fantasy body-switching well. This is your chance to start out with a brand new comic with two amazing women comic book pros. Don’t miss it. 9.8/10 by L.E.H. Light BLACKNERDPROBLEMS.COM

Review: Comic Review: “Crosswind” #1
Crosswind is not your typical comic book, and not recommended for young readers, but is a fascinating title to read. Although it’s just at the start of the story arc, it promises to be a dark, twisted tale of reality blended with the supernatural. It’s dark humor will help to enhance the story, but all this creates a fresh new spin on the body switch genre. It’s unresolved questions make you anticipate what’s going to happen next, making it a worthy addition to your new monthly comic book purchases. 4.5/5 BY DAVID HEIN WORLDOFENTERTAINMENT.COM

Review:Crosswind #1
This is an unexpected type of reading experience.  Beautifully written and illustrated it expertly explores two vastly different people.  This is a home run book from these ladies, and gentleman. READINGWITHAFLIGHTRING.COM

Review: Crosswind#1
Crosswind #1
 is a new take on an old concept that seeks to upend some preconceived notions about things. Juniper and Cason are both in for very rude awakenings after the switch as they reconcile their personalities with their appearances. Simone has written a strong first issue that sets the tone well by clearly defining the parameters of society each character is used to contending with. Staggs' artwork is a great match for the script and conveys a bevy of emotions. Crosswind #1 is off to a fascinating start and things will likely get even more unpredictable as the series unfolds. OMNICOMIC.COM

'Crosswind' is off to a rip-roaring start. It's taken what you'd expect from a swapping bodies plot and mucked it up in a violent vengeful way. Simone and Staggs have in essence punched out from their corporate jobs and entered an underground fight club, dipped their wrapped fists in broken glass ready to deliver a knock-out punch to the throat. 'Crosswind' is a definite knock-out. I can't wait to see what happens next. 4/5 SPARTANTOWN.COM

This book is a buyCrosswind uses a familiar trope to tell a different story. It’s got some surly language–and a bloody bathtub body–so it’s definitely not for the timid. Keep it away from the kiddies and enjoy it after they’ve gone to bed. by Jason Kahler TALKINGCOMICBOOKC.COM

Reveiw:Crosswind 1: Discussion
Now that their worlds have been inverted, I’m looking forward to seeing what Juniper and Cason do. We already know what a “boys will be boys” worlds looks like, now what about a “girls will be boys” and “boys will be girls” world? by Spencer Irwin and Taylor Anderson RET-CONPUNCH.COM

Advanced reviews

Advanced Review: 'Crosswind #1 Advanced Review':
"This premiere issue of Crosswind is a sign of great things to come from Staggs and Simone. The book has style, violence, action, and a story that makes you feel uncomfortable in a good way. The pages are filled with two characters that are both easy to relate to and easy to feel sorry for. The book could have taken the easily predictable way out, with a story about a man of action finding common ground with a housewife, but instead, this story is honest, smart, and brave. This book will surely win over an audience; it demands your attentions and emotional investment from page one and will surely keep it throughout the series." 10/10-BY JESSICA PETRECZ
Advanced Review: 'Crosswind #1 Advanced Review':
Crosswind #1 takes this classic idea and plot point and turns it completely on its side creating a unique and entertaining story."-A review by Greg Brothers ROUGES PORTAL
Advanced Review: ‘Crosswind’ #1 Is A Crime Comic Like You’ve Never Seen Before:
"Simone and Staggs’ work together rivals that of even the best noir teams (Brubaker and Phillips better watch their backs). The two plant plenty of seeds in this first issue, and with the mystery and intrigue, Crosswind is sure to be a must-buy comic month after month." - 5/5 By Anthony Composto May 10, 2017  MONKEYS FIGHTING
Advanced Review: CROSSWIND #1 Review: Guns, Sexism and Empathy:
This compelling story shows the detrimental effects of sexism and perpetuated masculinity. CROSSWIND is a fantastic story with very real stakes and consequences concerning identity in both physical and psychological ways. 96%/100% -By Kay Honda

Advanced Review-Crosswind #1

Crosswind kicks off with quite a bit of excitement and mystery. We get the story of both Cason and Juniper in their lives and these two couldn't be any more different. Which makes the body swap all the more interesting. 9/10 4.5/5 By Leinaala Sallander POP N' COMICS

Advanced Review: Best Shots Advance Review: CROSSWIND #1
Cat Staggs is a great collaborator for Gail Simone’s script. The characters’ facial features are extremely detailed as the artwork perfectly showcases Cason and Juniper’s character quirks through their facial expressions and body language. Staggs coloring makes every scene feel like a detailed painting creating a perfect tone for this thrilling comic book series.

With this premiere issue Simone does a good job at introducing the two main characters’ differing personalities and the stakes they leave behind when they switch bodies. Crosswind #1 is a slow set-up, but leaves the reader with a lot of potential as the series enters its exciting incident at the end of the issue. 7/10 By Kat Calamia NEWSARAMA

Advance Review – Crosswind #1 (Image Comics)

"As a 21-page establishing shot, this first issue does a terrific job of showcasing the massive potential of this series, and takes its time in introducing us to the two compelling leads.  Beautifully illustrated and with a fresh take on a fairly worn-out trope, Crosswind is a fantastic new series from two creators working in perfect synergy, and I really can’t wait to see how it plays out."- 4.5/5 By Craig Neilson-Adams May 11, 2017

Advance Review: CROSSWIND #1

" It’s a comic that makes you want to read the second issue and a comic worth reading." - 8.5/10 By Mexi Gremillion May 11, 2017


"Crosswind # 1 does an excellent job of setting up the story for the future. It introduces these characters making you feel for them and their situations. Overall cannot wait to see where this story goes especially the situations that the body swap creates for Cason and Juniper. A unique take on body-switching stories one that the creative team of Gail Simone and Cat Staggs will take to new heights.

Do yourself a favor and pick up this issue on 6/21"- by Ashish June 6, 2017 THE GEEKED GODS